Calling all ARPH Aussie adopters! It's time once again to showcase the beauty, intelligence, attitude and smiles of our rescued wiggle butts. Does your pup look adorable when she gives you a head tilt?  Do you have a champion ball or Frisbee chaser?  Learned some new tricks she likes to show off?  Found a mud puddle he just couldn’t resist?  We're sure you have a photo or two of your special ARPH Aussie being lovable.  So please share it with the ARPH community through the 2022 ARPH Calendar—our 30th Anniversary edition! 

Photos are voted on anonymously by a panel of judges and the photo with the most votes will receive the front cover position. The next 12 top vote-getters will receive the large monthly positions. Featured dogs (front cover and 12 months) will receive a free calendar.  Every dog entered will be included somewhere in the calendar.

Please use the webform ( to submit your best ARPH Aussie photo(s) for consideration in the 2022 ARPH Calendar.



All ARPH dogs are eligible to be in the calendar. Purebred Aussies that were referred by an ARPH rep and adopted directly from a shelter or private home are also eligible.

Entry deadline:  Photos and payment must be received no later than Midnight (PT) May 31, 2021.

**Entry fee: $10 per photo. If multiple dogs are in one photo it is still only $10.**


Payment methods:

1.  PayPal.  You do not need a PayPal account to pay by credit card.  Please include your email address and indicate 2022 Calendar Entry in the “instructions to merchant” box when completing your payment.


2.  If paying by check, please make it payable to ARPH, Inc. and mail it to:


c/o Jan Flatten

5355 Majeska Ln.

Cashmere, WA  98815

Please include a note with the dog(s) name, your name and a phone and/or email contact with mailed payments.


Submission Guidelines:

1.  Digital submissions are preferred, but printed photos will be accepted for full consideration.

2.  Digital submissions should be JPG or JPEG format. Please do NOT place photos into Microsoft Word or Publisher. Do NOT put digital frames around the photo(s) or add text to photos. Please remove date/time stamps or any other digital photo enhancements.  Photos that are poorly edited or enhanced will be less likely to meet the specifications for printing. 

3.  We want to feature our wonderful ARPH Aussies so please submit photos without identifiable people for consideration as one of the 13 top photos.  Photos with Uncle Sam, a sports team mascot, Santa or other anonymous characters may be considered.

4.  A separate webform will need to be completed for each dog but several photos of the same dog can be added to each submission. (NOTE:  when submitting the webform, it can take a couple of minutes to upload and submit the photos so be patient.)  Renaming your photo files with the dog’s name will be helpful.  If there are multiple dogs in the photo, please be sure to identify all dogs by name, ARPH # (if an ARPH dog) and their position in the photo.  For example:  Joe ARPH #00001 (L) and Sally (R).  If the dog was an ARPH referral, please indicate that.  

5.  Minimum resolution for digital submission is 200 ppi at 9" x 11.5" or  2300 x 1725 pixels.  (This information can be found in the photo’s properties details). If you crop your photo, please be sure it still meets the minimum resolution before submitting.   NOTE: if you use a THREE megapixel or higher camera and take photos on the highest/maximum resolution, the print reproduction quality will be acceptable. Camera phone images may not meet minimum requirements so be sure to use your phone’s highest resolution.  Any photo not meeting the minimum requirements will be returned to you for adjustments or replacement.  If you submit from an Apple product, please choose original resolution (Apple automatically sends emailed photos at a lower resolution).

6.  Photos must be horizontal (landscape orientation) to be considered for the cover and large monthly photos. Vertical (portrait orientation) photos will be considered for the small side positions and thumbnails and collage only.

7.  CDs and Thumb Drives with original images will also be accepted. Images must be clearly marked and meet digital submission guidelines. CDs and Thumb Drives can be mailed to the address above but WILL NOT BE RETURNED. 

8.  For all non-digital photos submissions, the photos must be printed by a professional photo processor (i.e. Walgreen's, Wal-Mart, Snapfish, local photo processor, etc.) and be at least 4" x 6". PHOTOS WILL NOT BE RETURNED.   Photos printed on a home printer, even on photo paper, will not be accepted, as reproduction quality will be poor.  All non-digital photos will have to be scanned into digital photos which may impact reproduction quality.  If submitting a hard copy photo, please label each photo lightly on the back with the dog’s name and ARPH# and mail it to Jan at the address above.

9.  If your entry photo was taken by a professional photographer, consent IS required.  An email from the photographer to approving use and allowing ARPH to modify any photo submitted by cropping, sharpening, increasing resolution, adding a text box, and/or adjusting exposure, if needed to meet the goals of the calendar, will be considered appropriate consent (photographer must use these exact words). Photo credit will be given if the photo is used as a featured photo or one of the monthly side photos.

10.  In order to showcase more Aussies, photos that have previously been published in an ARPH calendar will not be eligible for consideration for ARPH's 2022 Calendar.

11.  Due to the limited space allowed in the printing process, dog bios cannot exceed 50 words. 

12.  Photos that are submitted without payment verification will not be considered for judging.  Please direct technical questions to Jan by email to:


Entry deadline:  Photos and payment must be received no later than Midnight (PT)  May 31, 2021.


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