How to Register Your Aussie with ASCA, AKC, and UKC

ASCA LEP Registration
Dogs adopted from ARPH (Aussie Rescue & Placement Helpline, Inc.) can register with ASCA (the Australian Shepherd Club of America) for an LEP (Limited Exhibition Privileges) registration number. The LEP registration is FREE to ARPH dogs whose owners are MEMBERS of ASCA. Otherwise it costs $20 for ASCA members or $40 for non-members. ***NOTE: All LEP applications are subject to review by the ASCA LEP committee and are not guaranteed approval.***
Enclose two (2) FULL SIDE VIEW color photos, one left side and one right side, and one (1) FULL FRONT VIEW. No head shots. No exceptions.
Dog must be 6 months of age or older at time of application.
Copy of spay/neuter certificate with Veterinarian signature.
Name of Dog: Limit name to 30 characters (including spaces and punctuation).
For FREE ARPH Registration there are several more requirements:
the dog name must include ARPH and the dog's ARPH # within the 30 characters
the registration must be submitted by ARPH and approved by an ARPH Regional Coordinator
For FREE ARPH dog registration, download the form from ASCA -- Limited Exhibition Privileges Registration Form (8K .pdf)
NOTE: In order to open and print this form you MUST have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your hard drive. If you do not have it, click on the icon on the left, download it and install it.
Complete and mail with letter including the name of ARPH Rescue Representative the dog was adopted from, approximate date of adoption, ARPH tag #, state of adoption, and return to your Representative or ASCA, 6091 E State Hwy 21, Bryan TX 77808-9652.
AKC ILP Registration
ANY ARPH dog can also be registered with AKC for an ILP (Indefinite Listing Privilege) registration number.
An ILP allows an unregistered dog of a registerable breed to participate in performance events that are appropriate for the breed. AKC competitive events for Aussies include Obedience, Rally-O, Tracking, Herding and Agility. A dog must have either an AKC registration number or an ILP number in order to compete in these events.
An ILP is not the equivalent of an AKC registration, nor is it a substitute for AKC registration.
ILP dogs may not be used for breeding purposes as all applications for ILP will only be considered if the dog under application has been spayed or neutered.
An ILP may be canceled for cause.
The ILP number must be listed on entry forms when a dog is entered in any of the above listed events.
Individuals interested in getting an ILP number for an Aussie may fill out an Indefinite Listing Privilege Application, enclosing a check for $25.00 to cover the cost of registration and attaching two recent and clear photographs of the dog in standing position: one a full front view and the other a full profile view. A veterinarian's spay/neuter certificate must also be attached and pedigree information, if available, can be listed in the space provided on the ILP form.
In filling out the application, the dog's owner must state why the dog cannot be registered with the AKC, as well as explain the reason why the dog is considered to be an AKC purebred breed. If the dog is co-owned, all co-owners must also sign the application.
If the dog's ownership changes, a transfer of ILP to the new owner(s) needs to be made. This can be done by having the former owner(s) and the new owner(s) sign the back of the ILP certificate in the designated area and send the certificate to AKC for reissuance of a new certificate in the new owner's(s') name.
All applications with the appropriate attachments and fee are to be sent to The American Kennel Club, 5580 Centerview Drive, Suite. 200, Raleigh, North Carolina, 27606-3390. Persons interested in applying for an ILP number for their dog can download an ILP Application off the AKC Website.
The URL is This form can also be ordered by calling AKC Customer Service at 919-233-9767.
UKC LP Registration
The United Kennel Club (UKC) is the second oldest and second largest all-breed dog registry in the United States. Founded in 1898 by Chauncey Z. Bennett, the registry has always supported the idea of the "total dog," meaning a dog that looks and performs equally well. With 250,000 registrations annually, the performance programs of U.K.C. include Conformation Shows, Obedience Trials, Agility Trials, Coonhound Field Trials, Water Races, Nite Hunts and Bench Shows, hunting tests for the retrieving breeds, beagle events including Hunts and Bench Shows, and, for Cur and Feist Squirrel and Coon Events, and Bench Shows. Essentially, the U.K.C. world of dogs is a working world. That's the way founder Chauncey Bennett designed it, and that's the way it remains today. Contact info: United Kennel Club, Inc., 100 East Kilgore Rd., Kalamazoo, MI 49002-5584 Our phone number is 616-343-9020, and our Fax is 616-343-7037.
The Limited Privilege Program (LP Listing)
This program is for mixed breed dogs or purebred dogs of unknown pedigree or with disqualifying faults under the U.K.C. breed standard whose owners wish to participate in certain U.K.C.-sponsored events. Wolves and wolf-hybrids are ineligible for this, or any other type of U.K.C. registration. At present, all Limited Privilege dogs may enter Agility and Obedience Trials. In addition, LP listed purebred dogs of the Gun Dog Group are eligible for Hunting Retriever events. Dogs accepted for Limited Privilege MUST be spayed or neutered. LP listed dogs will be issued a "Limited Privilege" card. This card is not transferable. If an LP listed dog is sold, the new owner must return the "LP" card with a new application at the time of sale. If this procedure is followed, all points earned toward performance titles will be transferred.
Application is available at: