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    Nova ARPH #14322

Young, energetic single blue female looking for partner(s) for adventures! I've already been through a whirlwind and I'm ready to forge ahead with my forever family. Although, my foster home is a pretty great adventure all on its own. There are chickens, goats, other dog friends, a cat, and a human foster "sister". Whew! I've seen so much in my life already!

I LOVE to play with my Aussie foster brother and human foster sister. Maybe a little too much, sometimes, but I'm just so full of energy and excitement! Mom always tells her to, "Distract and redirect" me when I start getting into things I shouldn't. It's pretty easy because I LOVE TOYS!! I'm always up for tug or chewing squeaky things.

My doggie foster sister is the same size as me and I *really* want to play with her, but she thinks I'm annoying and wants to be left alone. Same with the cat. I'm just too enthusiastic for him. So sad! I'm sure he'd just love to wrestle and play fight if he just gave me a chance. Well, maybe not. And did I tell you about the chickens!?! I love to try to chase them! They're just so different, and I want to check them out, but they run away, so I want to run too. And the goats!!! I'm not afraid of them, and have all the hallmarks for potentially being a good herding dog. I get to run around with them a little with my Aussie brother and "direct" them back into their pen. Did I say how much I love life, and want to play with everything?? I guess it's just being a puppy.

Speaking of being a puppy, my foster mom says that I'm a very typical Aussie puppy (DOB - 7/23/20). I have lots of energy to burn and need lots of exercise. And the best thing is that I'm probably going to stay this energetic forever! My new family will have to be very active to keep me tired and happy. I can't wait to learn some new fun and exciting games like herding, agility, frisbee, or some other fun stuff. I can't wait to learn new things and have lots of fun. That being said, she says I'm pretty great for my age. I'm doing really well with my housebreaking, and learning lots of new things! I sit in my crate and wait to be given permission to leave it, after she's clipped on my leash. I sit by the door and wait to be allowed outside. I walk on my leash pretty well, but I really like to hold the leash in my mouth and walk myself! Of course I do some naughty puppy things, too, like chew on the edge of rugs, or pretty much anything you leave around that I shouldn't get into. So, my new family is going to need to remember that I need constant supervision, just like an infant, and bring me to puppy kindergarten and obedience classes. Sometimes, when I'm in my crate and missing out on the action, I'm not happy being in there, so I like to yowl! Mom gives me frozen Kongs filled with my kibble a few times a day when she has to leave for a few hours. It makes it easier to hang out in the crate. All in all she thinks I'm awesome and can't wait to find some awesome new people to love me forever. Hopefully they are early risers, because I like my day to start by 6am. Can't wait to meet my new family!

Nova is being fostered on Long Island, NY. We are looking for a very active home with a traditionally fenced yard, and a young MALE doggy companion for Nova to play with. Due to her age we are looking for a home that will enroll her in puppy kindergarten and plan on other types of training. If you have an APPROVED application please contact Pat.


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